Shawnna Payntier

I feel extremely blessed to have Yugo (aka SKS Pass The Cola) in my life!!
If it were not for my Usher Brand Saddle, this “mature” jockey would be left in the dirt! Yugo is powerful! It has saved me more than once and I am very honored to be part of Team Usher! I feel safe and secure in my Usher Brand Saddle!
Yugo and I ended up 2nd in the Wilderness Divisional Circuit for the Year.
We ended 3rd for the Year for the Xtreme Races
He also ran a 15.158 for the win at the Southwest Desert Classic in Salina Utah! I was sooooo super proud of him!
WPRA Final 10th in the Divisional Circuit Sidepot
-Shawnna Payntier