Shelby Stewart

From our rider Shelby Stewart: 

"My name is Shelby Stewart, I live in Cottontown, Tennessee, with my husband, dogs, and horses. I have been involved with rodeo and barrel racing since I was 6 years old and riding competitively for over 20 years. I have dabbled in the rodeo world and have had success winning and placing at PRCA/WPRA rodeos, but prefer to compete at Open 4D barrel races. While completing my doctorate I had to put barrel racing on the back burner and focus on completing my degree.  Now that my doctorate is complete, I have spent the last two years focusing on excelling with my horses in the arena again. 

While getting back into a routine with my horses I found I was not happy with my saddle fit. I spent a year trying to find the “perfect saddle” and on a gut feeling purchased a Usher Brand Barrel saddle. The rest is history. I immediately noticed the Usher Brand saddle fit my horses better, was lighter, more comfortable, and provided me a more correct riding position compared to any other saddle brand I had ever used. 

Since changing to Usher Brand saddles, I have noticed my horses are less back sore and have more range of motion in runs, improvements in my own riding, I am physically less sore after riding, and contribute much of my confidence and success to these saddles." - Shelby

Shelby Stewart DNP, APRN, FNP-BC